Emotional Awareness

In this program we help youth understand and navigate the wide range of emotions that accompany growing from teenager to young adult. We have weekly checkpoints, daily journal activities, assessment charts and role playing activities to help deliver this program. The program will run 3 times/week depending on enrollment numbers. The age range for this program is 12-18.

Understanding Addictions

In this program we cover the affects of addiction in a variety of ways including mood, quality of life, friends and school success, as well as we dissect why addiction happens in the first place, how to avoid it and what to do if we are already an addict. We also break it down into 4 main categories, Lighting the fire, (finding and recognizing the reasons for change) Coping Mechanisms, (How to best deal with the journey ahead) Managing Emotions, (dealing with the ups and downs and changes you will face) and Keeping it together (learning how to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle). This program will run twice weekly and the age range is 12-24.

Community Counselling

In this program we focus on students between the ages of 11-19 through individual counseling sessions and different methods of working with them to achieve success. These programs are for youth who are not getting the attention and patience needed in typical group sessions. This program will be offered Monday through Friday.

Support for Students

With this program we will have a relationship with all neighboring schools in our community in order to assist them with students that they have identified as needing extra support. These students could need support in any of the following areas, managing anxiety, dealing with emotions, anger management, building & sustaining healthy relationships, making good choices and positive social skills.
Counsellors offer support to promote attendance, reduce aggression and behaviour problems, build communication and relationship skills, and encourage healthy social skills. We can work with these students either at their respective schools or at the centre. We will offer this program 3 times per week and all participants must be students from the schools we service. Age range for this program is 12-18.

Resume Writing & Job Preparation

We are truly excited about this program, as we will have a rotating staff of current and past HR professionals and heads of corporations to assist us in running this program. We will work with the participants to identify employment goals and explore current and projected market trends. We will provide experienced advice about how to identify and pursue the right opportunities and lastly, we will help you build a resume and cover letter that stand out, as well as prepare you for job interviews. This program will be offered twice per week and is open to anyone over the age of 13.

Starting off Right

This program is offered on Saturday and is a once weekly program. With this program we plan to work with youth in order to help them develop age appropriate friendships, clear communication, and problem solving strategies in a safe, nurturing environment for children who struggle with using and understanding language; difficulty relating to people, objects, and events; unusual play with toys and other objects; difficulty with changes in routine or familiar surroundings, and repetitive body movements or behavior patterns. This program will focus on developing social skills in a variety of creative ways including, games, crafts, role-playing, outings and more. Parents are supported through information on resources, services, and strategies used in the Centre and available in the community.
This program deals specifically with Children between the age of eight and twelve, Children who are residents of Peel Region and referrals are welcomed from parents/guardians, medical professionals, schools, etc. The age range for this program is 8-12.

Creating Your Life Map

This program is geared towards youth between the ages of 14-18, but is not exclusive to that range. Within this program we help the participants identify where they want to head in life, how we can get there, remaining focused and having weekly and monthly progress reports to see how they are doing. This program is unique to individuals who are truly looking for an organized way of reaching their goals. We will offer this program once a week to begin with.

Marion’s Place

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