The Plan

The Plan

In order for Marion’s Place to come to fruition we must raise $1.1 million dollars. With this money we can secure a minimum of 3 acres of land in Dufferin County or Peel Region. This will cost aproximately $250-$300,000. The remaining amount will be utilized to build and operate the centre.

The Plan to Raise Funds

● Host 1 Fundraising Gala every year to raise awareness & funds

Host Golfing 4 Heroes Charity Golf tournament every year to raise awareness and funds

● Online Campaigns & Pledged support from The Joshua Project Foundation
● A group of homebuilders have donated a team to help with the construction of our centre
● A local development company will be donating materials for the construction of our centre
● A pledge of $200,000 from a Toronto group of Doctors

The Centre

The centres hours of operation will be 7am to 8pm, Monday through Sunday. All the programs we offer will fall into that schedule and will be offered at different times to accommodate the participants. In order to take part in our programs all individuals must fall between the age requirements and must be residents of Ontario. Individuals can be referred by parents/guardians, medical professionals, community groups and schools. The programs we will offer include: Emotional Awareness, Understanding Addictions, Community Counselling, Support for Students, Resume Writing & Job Preparation, Starting off Right and Creating your life map. Each of the programs will run during the hours mentioned above and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. It is our belief, experience and understanding that the individuals who show eagerness are typically the ones who benefit the most. The age groups we will focus on are 8 to 24.

Learn About Our Programs

Marion’s Place

A one of a kind centre created to unite and engage all youth